This is what patients have to say about Dr. Rob Rostau:


“Dr. Rob is what I consider a truly enlightened practitioner; one who treats the whole patient and forwards their wellness in every interaction.”  – Scott Degraffenreid, Author

“Dr. Rob went out of his way to figure out what was wrong with me…and why I was in that condition.” – Caswell Berry, Professional skateboarder

“I was injured in a car accident last year and among other injuries I sustained a serious whip-lash. The consequences of this have had a severe impact on my overall well-being, my social and professional life and most of all my ability to enjoy my two year old son. I had been suffering from severe headaches ever since.
As I was only seeing slow improvement through conventional medicine, I decided to see Dr. Rob. My expectations were by far exceeded. After only one session I noticed a great improvement in range of motion and my neck was virtually pain free. My headaches have not since reappeared.
Following the accident, I had been through extensive therapy and have seen improvement from  Massage Therapy, Chiropractic care and Physiotherapy. None of these however, have compared to the immediate improvement and lasting results I have experienced through Dr. Rob’s treatments.
” –Meike Abersbach, Office Manager

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